JPK11.80 Sunrise wins 2021 Rolex Fastnet Race

JPK 11.80 Sunrise has just clinched the 2021 Overall Rolex Fastnet Race. Tom Kneen with his youth crew  (under 40s) secured the overall win following a top10 finish in the previous edition in 2019 and 2019  Rolex Middle Sea Race.
Read the initial race report from YachtingWorld here.

Australian JPK10.80 Atomic Blonde set to wins WA Offshore season

Simon Torvaldsen owner of the JPK 10.80 Atomic Blonde is leading both IRC Combined pointscores going into the final race of the season the Fremantle – Exmouth Race this weekend.
In what is already an impression season, another good result this weekend will see the JPK 10.80 owner take home the two major WA Offshore prizes of the year.
Good luck Simon!
For more info on the JPK 10.80, see here

JPK10.80 Psycho Tiller wins first post-lockdown race

With the covid situation improving in California, we got in touch with Jim the owner of JPK 10.80 Psycho Tiller to hear what he has been up to during the pandemic. Here is what he had to say:
“We’ve been cruising more than racing during the pandemic but covid is getting much better now here in California so more races are starting up again. As I’m sure you know one of the greatest things about a JPK is it’s incredibly versatile and equally capable at high intensity offshore racing or ‘set it and forget it’ casual cruising for days at a time. We seem to be shaking off the racing rust fairly well so far. Just completed the 25 mile “Lightship” ocean series race on Saturday and placed 1st!
There were some well sailed and fast boats we beat out this race including a Pogo 36, Archambault 35, Flying Tiger 10 and a Dehler 38 just to name a few.
This first place thing is fun, we’ve decided to keep doing it! 🙂

Australia’s first JPK10.80 keeps up its winning streak

Congratulations to Simon and his crew on yet another another win on IRC, despite the FSC George Law race not being one of their finest performances. They still came home with the win. Read Simon’s full race report below:

“It actually was not a great race for us, there was an incident at the start – we were partly to blame for being where we shouldn’t so I turned around, restarted and then had to do a penalty turn.  Later on the boom touched a rounding mark so another turn!  We are out of practice. So we gave the fleet about a ½ mile head start.
It was windy, 20-25kt  initially, getting up to 30-35kt later, and over 40 kts a few times on the way home.  Apart from one heavy weather beat, it was beam reaching all the way so very hard to catch up under main and #3 jib.  We made up some ground on the beat and took out our reef promptly when the others stayed reefed.  We had our hands full under full sail on a reach with the wind forward of the beam in 35+kts but the boat is very stable and we pulled away, making up just enough ground for the win.  That upwind leg mid race was the only time we reefed. We really should have been about 8-10 mins ahead of where we were.

In that context is was pleasing to be first and fastest in Div 2, but also to beat all of Div 1. Allowing for our delayed start, we beat most of them on elapsed time too.  They are mainly 40’ except for Indian a Carkeek 47 (17th over the line in their last Sydney to Hobart). Mills 40. J122, Archambault 40, Farr40,  + a couple of lightweight carbon 36-37’ outright racers and one on foils (that did not go well at all).

The boat is good but the skipper and crew were a bit rusty in the heavy weather!  Again, it does show that in the heavier conditions the JPK is tough and fast. We went past a Beneteau First 44.7 to leeward upwind in no time (we pointed so much better we forced them to tack off).
The good thing is that we can do that heavy weather stuff but also win in the light, ie a true balanced all-rounder.  That is what is needed, certainly here on our west coast.

It was nice that the race was only 4 hours, in hail and 40 knots that was long enough for me.  I am becoming a fair weather sailor as I get older.”

JPK10.80 In Theory
Wins RORC Caribbean 600 IRC3 and 3rd overall

Congratulations to Peter McWhinnie’s in his JPK 10.80 called In Theory for winning the RORC Caribbean IRC3 with an eight hours lead and coming 3rd overall just behind Outsider and Wizard. 

The 12th edition of the race saw 73 teams compete for the win. A disruption to the trade winds produced a tactical and strategic battle in predominantly light air. The traditional trade wind experience of blasting around the 600nm course was replaced with wind traps at most of the 11 Caribbean islands. Avoiding the windless lees and making use of the acceleration zones were the key to a winning performance. 

IRC Two Handed was won by another JPK Jangada adding it to their winning streak after winning the RORC Transatlantic outright not so long ago.

Fantastic to be racing again and good to see that some things remained the same – some great JPK results once again!

JPK Jancada wins RORC Transatlantic Overall
while sailing doublehanded

Richard Palmer’s British JPK Jangada was presented with the RORC Transatlantic Trophy in Grenada. Racing two-handed with Jeremy Waitt, Jangada scored the best corrected time under IRC to win the race overall and completed the 3,000nm race in 17 days 10 hrs 11 mins 06 secs. Jangada is the first two-handed team to win the antique sterling silver trophy, as well as the smallest boat to do so,(despite some time lost due to MOB retrieval of Jeremy who luckily was tethered on). 

“This win absolutely exceeded all our expectations – a great start to the season!” commented Jangada’s owner, Richard Palmer. “The competition out there certainly gave us a run for our money – Childhood 1 (formerly Brunel VO65) was doing 20 knots and we could never match that speed, and Pata Negra 12 knots, but we just said bring it on and we raced hard all the way to the finish. Persistence and perseverance were the key to keep going for each three-hour watch. It was hard work but it paid off. It is absolutely fabulous to be back at Port Louis Marina in Grenada. We were here two years ago and we are looking forward to celebrating for a few days.”

Rolex Middle Sea Race
Successful yet again

Following two consecutive Overall IRC wins by JPK in the 38th (2017) and 39th (2018) edition, the anticipation was high this year.
Fantastic results for the JPKs at the 40th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race:
– 1st & 2nd IRC 5 (JPK 11.80 Courier Recommande & Sunrise)
– 1st & 2nd IRC 6 (JPK 10.80 Solenn & Rossko)
– 2nd & 4th IRC Overall (JPK 11.80s)
A successful redress of Maltese yacht Elusive 2 granted them a 28-minute time correction that gave them a 13-minute lead and the overall win in this iconic race. Well done & congratulations.
Elusive 2 was amongst 9 other boats (including Courrier Recommande) responding to a distress call from Australian entry Blackwater after they dismasted. Most of the boats filled for redress and have been awarded a time correction.Courrier Recommende did not apply for a redress.It would have been unimaginable to have been first boat in history to realise back to back Overall victories after last years win. However, it is great to have a Maltese winner of this iconic race.
We would like to congratulate the crews of Courrier Recommande, Sunrise, Solenn & Rossko on yet another amazing result!

CYCA & JPK Pacific
2019/2020 Two-Handed Pointscore Series

JPK Pacific is excited to announce to have partnered with the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia as naming-rights partners for the 2019/2020 JPK Pacific Two-Handed Pointscore Series. 

We’re elated and thankful to have JPK Pacific join the CYCA sponsorship family,” CYCA Commodore Paul Billingham says. 
“We believe two-handed sailing represents the future for some sailors and an exciting avenue we’re very keen to explore as a Club. We think the two-handed division is going to add a few more boats to the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet for 2020 and beyond too”

The first of four races in the JPK Pacific Two-Handed Pointscore Series starts this weekend.

Winning Fastnet IRC2, IRC3, IRC4, IRC2H

Wow – what an incredible Fastnet Race and what a result for all the JPKs:
1st, 3rd & 4th in IRC2
1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th in IRC3
1st, 2nd & 5th in IRC4
1st, 3rd & 5th in IRC2H (doublehanded)

Congratulations to all, including Jean Pierre himself and Alex Loison for winning doublehanded & IRC3 and Gery Tresensaux winning IRC2 and coming 5th Overall in his 11.80 Courrier Recommande.

Come and see us at Sydney International Boat Show

We will be in the Marina during the Sydney International Boat Show from 1 – 5 August in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.
We have been assigned stand # 1 (quite appropriate we thought).

First stand on the city side entrance to the marina (see map for details)

We hope to see you there.

Doublehanded success in the Cowes Dinard St Malo Race

It was a close and thrilling encounter, six Two-Handed teams made the top ten overall, dominating IRC Three and IRC Four. Winner of the Two-Handed class, by just 58 seconds after 21 hours of racing, was Francois Moriceau’s JPK 10.10 Mary, which was also second overall. Jean Pierre Kelbert’s JPK 10.30 Léon, was second in class, and third overall. Louis-Marie Dussere’s JPK 10.80 Raging-bee2 was third in the Two-Handed Class, and fourth overall, just 81 seconds from class victory.
Delighted with an all JPK podium in St Malo.

Double handed is here

Double-handed sailing is gaining popularity in Australia and the rest of Asia Pacific, with more races and club jumping on the popularity and increase in participants. The short-handed yacht series in New Zealand was fully booked in hours and the CYCA introduces a special double-handed division for iconix races like the Sydney to Southport and the Sydney to Hobart races in 2020. RPAYC announced plans for a Sydney to Auckland race in 2021 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the club and the America’s Cup in New Zealand. No doubt they will also include a doublehanded division.

Really exciting times, especially for those with some double handed racing skills/appetite and those owning a JPK 10.80, the ideal and leading boat in single and double handed sailing.

Mythical wins in IRC 2, 3 & 4 on the Solent

3rd IRC Overall, 1st IRC 2 (11.80), 1st & 3rd IRC 3 (10.80), 1st IRC 4 (10.10) A divisional wins a 3rd overall IRC for the JPK 11.80 Courrier Recommande in the 3rd major RORC race of the year, the Myth of Malham Race. Last year’s Middle Sea Race winner, Gery Tresensaux is gearing up his 11.80 for the Fastnet in August and the Sydney to Hobart in December and doing so with great form. 
JPK was well represented at the podium at the Myth of the Malham with Timeline (JPK 10.80) winning IRC3 and Shaitan (JPK 10.80) finishing 3rd. Foggy Dew, a JPK 10.10 took home the prize in IRC4. Fantastic results and a great build up to the Fastnet & Hobart.

Victory in the RORC Cervantes Trophy Race

1st IRC 2 (11.80), 1st & 2nd IRC 3 (10.80), 1st IRC Double (10.80), 1st & 2nd IRC 4 (10.10) in the first proper offshore race of the RORC season across the channel from Cowes to Le Havre. This Cat.3 race of approximately 150nm takes competitors via a number marks from England to France. A first typical trial for those looking to participate in the Fastnet Race. 
JPK 11.80 Sunrise won IRC2 and finished 4th overall. Raging Bee won IRC 3 as well as IRC doublehanded in their JPK 10.80, whilst the old faithful Foggy Dew, a JPK 10.10, won IRC4 just ahead of Gioai another JPK 10.10. 

Success at 2024 Olympic Sailing Arena

In the future Olympic nautical stadium in France, was the 54th International Mediterranean Nautical Week in April. Over 130 yachts and over 1,000 sailors competed in the region’s largest competition. At the end of the four days, JPK wins 4 of the 6 IRC divisions 1st IRC solo, 1st IRC double, 1st IRC3 & 1st & 2nd IRC4. 


Over the course of his three decades of continued racing at the event, Adam Gosling has won Cowes Week countless times, not to mention a great many other illustrious Solent events such as the Round the Island Race and various race series.


Sailing is always a priority for Jean Pierre Kelbert especially if its racing one of his beloved JPK’s. On this occasion it was the JPK 10.80“Bouznik” for the Double Handed 2018 “ArMen” race over 300 nautical miles off the coast of Brittany . The JPK owner Francois Valraud show his excitement at achieving a 2nd overall in this very competitive offshore race that offered a range of conditions from light to heavy airs.